Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Leftovers: Perry, Jersey Shore, and Drunken Paulites

Everyone knows that leftovers are better than the original meal. Here are the news stories that didn't fit in this weeks Friday Freakshow Roundup:
  • For 6 years Governor Rick Perry dragged his feet on addressing the horrendous abuses at Texas Youth Facilities that included systemic child rape.  I'm sure it has nothing to do with the private prison contractor who ran them being a large Perry donor.  Just like I'm sure he didn't mean to quash the ethics investigation into his mismanagement of the Teacher Retirement System of Texas, which coincidentally also benefitted large Perry donors.
  • Herman Cain released a truly disturbing and craven 9/11 Campaign video.  But you do get to hear a free track from his Gospel music CD, so that's something
  • Everyone's favorite Civil War General and Presidential Candidate Thaddeus McCotter refuses to answer whether he prefers Elvis or Johnny Cash, because the question is trivial during a time of war and recession.
  • Chris Christie's New Jersey has awarded a $420,000 tax break to the production of Jersey Shore, to keep them in the state.  Union pensions are government waste, but half a million to keep a show in your state that is named after your state makes perfect sense.
  • Republican Rep. Louie Gohmert presumably trying to prove some other point than that he is actually a child, snaked the Bill title "American Jobs Act" away from President Obama to instead author a bill that eliminates all corporate taxes.
  • Michele Bachmann can inject $10,000 into her campaign if she can provide a single case of the HPV vaccine causing mental retardation.
  • Republican Rep. Peter King lamented to Parliament that the First Amendment gets in the way of further harassing muslim Americans.  Or as George W. Bush would say, "a dictatorship would be easier."
  • Erik Prince, founder of military contractor Blackwater (and possible real life supervillain), is releasing a video game based on the company.  Not featured, the ability to kill civilians just for the hell of it and not face any consequences.
  • In related news, an Alaska secessionist militia leader testified in his trial that his militia planned to use bombs, boats, lasers, and "all sorts of nifty stuff" to overthrow the US Government.
  • Rick Perry says that God speaks to him through 'supernatural events', so putting aside the frightening possibility that a Presidential candidate is hallucinating, what does it mean that it still hasn't rained in Texas?
  • Just so you don't think that I'm the only one picking on Rick Perry, Fox News is editing words into his mouth to help out Mitt Romney.  At least I have the decency to only mock him for things he actually said.
  • Finally, here's some footage of a drunk Ron Paul supporter getting arrested for a DUI.  It doesn't have any political importance, but it sure is funny:

Have a great weekend!

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  1. CONSTITUTIIIIIIOOOOON! Read it and live by it!

    I read something about lasers...where can I get one?

    And lastly...a fun fact :-)
    Blackwater is now called Xe...when asked about the name change, the CEO said they needed something that didn't sound anything like "Blackwater" lol