Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Republican Racism Review: Immigration and a Black Thing

Real button handed out at the 2008
Texas Republican State Convention
If you start keeping your eyes open for them, there are a terrifying number of news stories about Republicans being racist:
  • And just in case you were thinking that Republicans obsession with immigration isn't about racism and xenophobia, the Alabama immigration law I've been harping on for the last month?  The one that would deny undocumented people water and unconstitutionally kick their children out of school?  Alabama Republicans are talking about repealing it now that a white immigrant accidentally got arrested under it.
  • Meanwhile Republicans in North Carolina are attempting to repeal the state's historic death penalty law, which allows death row inmates to appealing their sentencing if they can prove that it was racially motivated.  And Herman Cain explains that racial profiling isn't like "driving while black" when the TSA does it, because we know what the terrorists look like.
  • And with Thanksgiving quickly fading behind us, lets take a moment to consider Pat Robertson, who wondered on air "What is this Mac and Cheese is that a black thing?"  For the record Mr. Robertson, no it's not a black thing, and my grandma's is delicious.

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