Monday, December 19, 2011

Frontline of the Class War: Conservatives Getting into the Holiday Spirit

The Republicans are right, there is a class war going on in this country. And they're the ones waging it against the middle and working class:
  • Republican Senator Ron Johnson believes that a "good worker" doesn't remain working at the minimum wage for long and we should "trust him on that".  Pity pesky little things like facts always get in the way of Republicans Randian fantasies.
  • Kudos to whoever first spots what's wrong with this Fox News graphic about the unemployment rate in the comments:

Welcome to the Working Week!

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  1. The 8.9% and 8.8% for February and March, respectively, are lower on the chart than the 8.6% for November is. If you're just following the trend line (and not reading the numbers), it looks like it stayed the same between the two months...