Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Romney Flip Flops on Catfish

Since he lost the South yesterday and no longer has to eat grits or drop -g's from the end of words, this probably won't come up again, but if you wonder why nobody likes or trusts Mitt Romney, this probably has something to do with it:

Mitt Romney on Monday 3/12/12, the Day Before the Alabama and Mississippi Primaries:
I had catfish for the second time. It was delicious, just like the first time.
Mitt Romney on 1/18/12, on Having Catfish for the First Time:
[I'm not] a catfish man, or not a fish man so much.
 It's not the fact that he's a pandering liar (though that probably doesn't help), it's that he's so bad at it.


  1. he was against catfish before he was for it.

    1. You could even say he really floundered on this one.