Monday, March 5, 2012

Saying Goodbye to Andrew Breitbart

Andrew Breitbart
Andrew Breitbart died on Thursday, and I've been struggling with what I wanted to say about it.  He was a man whose politics and methods I despised, and I can't bring myself to pretend that his death changes that.   Yet while he of all people would appreciate the desire to get in one final attack on a political enemy who can no longer defend himself, I can't say that I'd find much satisfaction in that either.  I thought about simply letting his death pass unremarked, but have thought better of it.  Instead, I'm going to give him a parting gift I know he would have enjoyed, that still manages to capture my feelings for the man.  I'm going to give him the last word:

Andrew Breitbart's last article was published on his website on Saturday, a piece intended to kick off and set the tone for the next year of his growing media empire.  It was a piece entitled "The Vetting: Part I: Barack's Love Song to Alinsky."  In it he exposes the truth that Barack Obama once attended a musical and talked about it publicly.

Read the article.  It says more about Andrew Breitbart than I ever could.

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