Monday, March 19, 2012

This was Probably Inevitable: The Republican Presidential Music Competition

I've recently discovered that apparently people write songs about Republican Presidential candidates.  And that leaves me with a decision to make.  Either I let the horror of that sink in and destroy my sanity OR I turn it into a funny competition.  So, since there's no rational reason to support any of these guys, lets choose who the "best" Republican Presidential candidate based on their supporters musical talents:

Ron Paul - The Ron Paul Song

Newt Gingrich - The Newt Gingrich Rap

Mitt Romney - The Mitt Romney Song

And of Course:
Rick Santorum - Game On

So you tell me, who's the best:  The amateurish Ron Paul Song, the utterly odd Newt Gingrich rap, the appropriate one man Mitt Romney Song, or the folksy Rick Santorum country epic?


  1. The Santorum song is the winner, for the following reasons:

    1. Most of the people in the video are too young to vote.

    2. In fact, I'm pretty sure the artists themselves are too young to vote.

    3. Both of the lead chicks are wearing what appear to be purity rings, but then acting all slutty for Santorum.

    4. Name dropping Ronald Regan. Epic.

  2. The Rick Santorum one was definitely the winner hahahahaahahhaa it was hilarious. Had me laughing for a long time.