Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Unraveling Fox News' Latest Conspiracy Theory

Last night Fox News' Eric Bolling came up with a new conspiracy theory:

The pertinent quote:
Follow me here, President Obama is on the ropes with the economy and specifically with women voters, gets Ms. Fluke to create a controversy and the liberal mainstream media puppets play along as scripted.
So lets take this step by step:

Obama is "on the ropes with the economy," which is improving faster than anyone predicted, and so he feels the need to prop up his support among women, as opposed to any other demographic group.  In order to do this he instructs House Democrats to call on Ms. Fluke as a minority witness to testify to the fact that 99% of women use hormonal birth control and that "hormonal birth control" is in fact a misnomer because it is often prescribed to treat other, sometimes fatal, medical conditions.  He does this because Obama knows that Republican Committee Chair Darrell Issa will in fact break Congressional Hearing rules in order to block Ms. Fluke from testifying, thus allowing Democrats to complain that Republicans are trying to suppress the voices of women on an issue of women's health.  This is important to Obama's plan, because without those complaints, Rush Limbaugh never could have been baited into calling Ms. Fluke a "slut" and a "prostitute," which is of course necessary in order to trick Mitt Romney into refusing to condemn Limbaugh for those remarks making him look bad to women.

To Review: Obama -> House Democrats -> Republican Chairman Darrell Issa -> Rush Limbaugh -> Mitt Romney

I'm not saying that wasn't Obama's plan and Republicans are just rabidly anti-women, but if that was his plan Republicans should basically just give up now because President Obama puts Rube Goldberg to shame.


  1. well said, amigo.

  2. I don't know EO...that sounds like a pretty reasonable conspiracy to me...maybe they should get former Minnesota Governor Jesse "The Body" Ventura to write a book about it