Monday, March 12, 2012

Weekly Weekend Caption Contest Entries: The Votening

This weekend we held our first ever Weekly Weekend Caption Contest for this photo of Mitt Romney:

And that means it's time for you to vote on the entries (either in the comments or on Facebook).  The winner will get to call themselves the Entertained Organizer Caption King/Queen of the Week.  And there is no higher honor that that.  So without further ado:

Reader Dave is the first to see this as Romney doing something disgusting to pander:

Reader Brandon decided that aggressively attacking his competitors was the way to go:

"R-Money" sees into vindictive Romney's soul:

Reader Katherine sees a wounded bird, a mutli-millionaire wounded bird, but still wounded:

"Jaime Lannister" is apparently trying to get me to talk about the return of Game of Thrones, this too pleases me:

So loyal readers, who had the best caption this week?


  1. are we allowed to vote for our own submission? if so, then I vote for mine. if we can't, then my vote is for Brandon's.

  2. Rom nom nom nom