Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Hostess Snack Break: Superman vs. The Laughing Gas Bandits

Everyone needs a break sometimes, so why don't you enjoy this one with one of your favorite superheroes and one of your favorite Hostess snack treats:

Here's the thing, I get why the Laughing Gas Bandits stop to get Hostess Fruit Pies.  When you're being chased by a flying demi-god who can melt you with his eyes, you might as well stop and enjoy whatever simple pleasures life has left for you.  What makes no sense to me is why Superman felt it was necessary to dress up as a Fruit Pie vendor.


  1. Because there was Kryponite in the gas. He had to rely on cunning, not strength.

    1. Or he could blow the gas away with Super-Breath, burst through the wall behind them so fast they can't turn around before he's knocked them out, or melt them with his eyes from orbit.