Saturday, April 7, 2012

Love Lessons with Lois Lane: Lois Lane's X-Ray Vision!

In much of the civilized world, Saturday night is date night. And everything I know about dating I learned from Lois Lane. So before heading out for the night, let's see what advice she has for us this week:

You can learn a lot by talking to your significant other's exes.  You should also never monogram your clothing, it just looks tacky.


  1. at least they got the concept of "x-ray vision" right in this panel...remember one of the prior Lois Lane comics where they had Lana melting a lamp with Superman's x-ray vision powers

    granted, Lois is wearing glasses in this, and in the other comic Lana was using her eyes, but still...

    1. Don't worry, this diversion into the covers vaguely making sense is short lived.