Monday, April 2, 2012

Newt Gingrich's Campaign Enters "a New Phase"

Now some people take the news that Gingrich is firing a third of his staff (including his campaign manager) because he can't afford to pay them as a sign that he's basically out of the race and just continuing so he can retire debts and sell some more books.  Those people live in a place called reality.  Fortunately though, Newt Gingrich has never even visited that land, and so he sees this as but the first step towards a brokered convention where instead of Keynote Speeches, there will be one final Republican Presidential Debate in front of all the delegates, where his mastery of sarcasm, lying, and being an ass (also known as "being Newt Gingrich") will win them all over to his side and then presumably annoint him God-Emperor of Arrakis:

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