Monday, April 30, 2012

RonPaulStock: Because I Can Never Mock Ron Paul Supporters Enough

Some people would say that I will eventually get tired of mocking Ron Paul supporters.  Those people are wrong, because as crazy as the good Dr. Paul is (and trust me, he's really crazy), his supporters are inevitably crazier.  Sure Ron Paul believes that the International Baccalaureate program is a UN attempt to brainwash America's children, but Ron Paul supporters have created RonPaulStock (featuring such musical guests as The Industry and Axis Experience):
PaulStock is a grassroots festival that is dedicated to celebrating the message of Liberty, Peace and Freedom. Dr. Paul has given us an incredible opportunity to unite as a country, with that comes a great responsibility to spread this message far and wide. This is a message of hope. This is a message of TRUE change, “Revolutionary Change.” A movement that paves the path for a better future; a message that ignites a passion and enthusiasm that is contagious with young and old, left and right, liberal and conservative. A reminder of what makes this a great nation. This was the vision set forth by our founding fathers. Dr. Paul has sparked a fire in our hearts, has opened our eyes to the desperate need to restore our constitutional Republic and has inspired us all to become the best that we can be both in our own lives and how we relate to our neighbors here and around the world. The American dream lives within each and every one of us. It’s that dream that brings us together as a people.
Join us at PaulStock 2012 in the northern metro Atlanta area! A Liberty Jam that’s fun and community coming together in celebration of this message. Dr. Paul has already won. He has won the hearts and minds of so many around the globe. It’s in this very spirit of freedom and liberty; that PaulStock will be a memorable experience for all!
 I don't even know how to begin to mock that properly.

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