Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Weekly Weekend Caption Contest: Winners

I am very proud to announce that this competition has for the first time apparently driven two people insane.  At least that is what I can conclude from the voter fraud match between "EOiscrazy" and "Katherine" which included dozens of votes seconds apart, what I believe may have been an automated email campaign flooding my inbox, and having to explain to Facebook that they should not suspend one of their accounts because it was not technically spam when they reposted their name over and over again on my wall.  Now a part of me wants to reward this behavior because it was pretty personally amusing for me, but since I actually want to encourage everyone to get their friends and family to vote insanely for them.  So, rather than try to figure out which one of them was actually crazier, I give you this week's Entertained Organizer's Caption Contest King and Queen:

Caption Contest King EOiscrazy:

Caption Contest Queen Katherine:

1 comment:

  1. I think I can speak for Queen Katherine too when I say that there was ABSOLUTELY no voter fraud in this contest (this isn't Florida). I believe every one of those votes was legitimate. Herman Cain was nice enough to vote me...there's no way that was fake