Monday, May 21, 2012

Frontline of the Class War: Bain, Conspiracies, and a Little Laughter

The Republicans are right, there is a class war going on in this country. And they're the ones waging it against the middle and working class:
  • Fortunately for the 30,000 people Whitman is firing Maine's Republican Governor Paul LePage has some advice for the unemployed.  Unfortunately that advice is "get off the couch and get yourself a job."
  • Speaking of hurting America, Congressman Bobby Schilling (R-IL) responded at a town hall to a question about whether Obama's campaign strategy was to "make America fail" by saying "a lot of people think this is being done on purpose."  Hopefully Rep. Schilling is as good a campaigner as that answer implies, and we won't have to deal with him anymore after November.
  • Tea Party darling Richard Mourdock, who just beat Senator Dick Lugar in the Indiana primary, compares his opposition to poor people not paying taxes to Lincoln's opposition to slavery, because that's not insane or insulting at all:

  • But if turning back the clock really sounds like the idea for you, ex-President George W. Bush has your back, recently announcing that he's going to write a book on how to create economic growth.  It's alright to start laughing now.
Welcome to the Working Week!

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