Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Look Back on the 2011-2012 Television Season

As I mentioned the other day, one of the great things about upfronts is they answer the question of which shows are cancelled and which are getting another season.  This season I not only reviewed each of the new network shows, I also put them through a single elimination tournament bracket.  So how did I do?

Well, of the 16 shows I looked at, these 9 were cancelled:

Charlie's Angels (ABC) - Cancelled after 8 episodes, 11/10/2011
Free Agents (NBC) - Cancelled after 4 episodes, 10/5/2011
A Gifted Man (CBS) - Cancelled after full season
How to be a Gentleman (CBS) - Cancelled after 3 episodes, 10/15/2011
The Playboy Club (NBC) - Cancelled after 3 episodes, 10/3/2011
Pan Am (ABC) - Cancelled after full season
Prime Suspect (NBC) - Cancelled after full season
Terra Nova (Fox) - Cancelled after full season
Unforgettable (CBS) - Cancelled after full season

And these 7 were picked up for a second season:

New Girl (Fox)
Person of Interest (CBS)
Revenge (ABC)
Suburgatory (ABC)
Two Broke Girls (CBS)
Up All Night (NBC)
Whitney (NBC)

Here is the final result of my tournament:
Click for larger version

All told I did pretty well.  In only two cases did I advance a show that got cancelled over a show that got renewed.  In the case of Person of Interest vs. Prime Suspect, in my reviews I actually called that Person of Interest would almost certainly be a hit and that Prime Suspect would be cancelled, I just thought it was the better show.  And in the case of Revenge vs. Terra Nova, I guess I just prefer my ridiculous prime time soap opera to include dinosaurs.  Other than that every cancelled show lost unless put up against another cancelled show.  I even correctly called How to be a Gentelman the worst new show and it tied The Playboy Club in being the first to be cancelled with only 3 episodes airing.  And in hindsight I don't actually see anything I'd change (though I'll confess I never even gave Person of Interest a second chance). I also predicted at the beginning of the year that NBC would cancel at least half of their new shows, and they ended up canceling 3 out of 5.  Sadly, that was not a particularly impressive prediction given the current state of NBC.

Tune in tomorrow as I take a look at the most (and least) promising of the new shows scheduled to start this Fall.  (For full listings of cancelled and renewed shows, check here)

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