Friday, May 4, 2012

Mitt Romney is a Bigger Anti-Gay Bigot than George W. Bush

I want to take a minute to talk about the "resignation" of Romney advisor Richard Grenell.  While Grenell was hired purely for his foreign policy experience, hiring an openly gay advisor was seen by many as one of Romney's first moves in pivoting to a more moderate friendly general election campaign.  The Religious Right immediately flipped out.  They were upset not because Romney had suddenly switched his position on gay marriage (he didn't) or because Grenell was there to advise Romney on gay issues (he wasn't), but simply because Romney had hired an openly gay man.  And so, despite the fact that Grenell's job was to be the campaign spokesman on foreign policy and national security, the campaign hid him away and told him not to talk to reporters.  For two weeks he was not allowed to do his job because his mere existence would upset the Religious Right.  And so in the face of "hyperpartisan" attacks on his personal life, Grenell resigned.

But let's be clear, neither Romney, his campaign, or his surrogates uttered a single word of defense for Grenell during the two weeks of attacks by the Religious Right.  Instead they tried to hide him away and refused to let him do his job while the firestorm around him became increasingly toxic.  Grenell didn't "resign" he was forced out.  It was made clear to him that courting the Religious Right was of paramount value to the Romney campaign and that he was being thrown under the bus, and so he left.

And here's the thing about that.  Despite his label as a "Massachusetts Moderate", Romney secretly donated to the National Organization for Marriage's campaign against marriage equality.  The donations were secret, he didn't do it to curry political favor and NoM actually fought in Court to keep his name from coming out, he did it because that's what he believes.  And now he's forced a man out of his campaign for the crime of being openly gay.  Grenell would never have had to answer a single question on a gay rights issue, but he had to go because he was gay and that upset the wrong people.  George W. Bush kept Dick Cheney as his Vice President even after he came out in favor of gay marriage.  Romney forced an advisor out just for being gay.

And remember, Mitt Romney is a social moderate in today's Republican Party.

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