Thursday, May 31, 2012

Obama SuperPAC Ad: Fire "The Donald"

I'm not going to lie, considering how easy it is to make fun of Donald Trump and how pathetic it is that Romney isn't willing to stand up to him, this ad from the American Bridge SuperPAC is pretty lame:

How hard is it to:

1. Open with Romney's "I need to get to 50.1%."
2. Donald being a Birther.
3. Clips of Obama releasing birth certifacte/pundits calling birtherism racist.
4. Donald being a Birther again.
5. Close with Romney's "I need to get to 50.1%" again.

Attacking Donald Trump doesn't win Obama any votes, everyone either already thinks he's an idiot or they're a Birther who will never vote for Obama anyway.  The attack is (supposed to be) on Romney for being too afraid to stand up to his racist base, embodied in Donald Trump.  It's really not that hard.

And don't bother going to, it's just a form to collect your email and "send a message" to Romney.  

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