Monday, May 7, 2012

Personally I Only Take Economic Classes From Animated Ghost Reagan

I don't really know what to say besides this is a thing:

That's a lie.  Your first clue that there's something wrong with this is that Sarah Palin is one of the "smart students."  That's also a lie.  Your FIRST clue that there's something wrong with this is that the animated ghost of Ronald Reagan is teaching an economics class to Presidents and politicians past and present.  Then the Sarah Palin thing.  Also that Bill Clinton is a dumb hick as opposed to, you know, a Rhodes scholar.

But really what's wrong with this analogy is that whoever made this has clearly never been in a class with a high achiever.  There are in fact people who will put in insane amounts of study time and effort to get an A no matter what (for that matter there are also plenty of people smart enough to easily pull a B without studying).  They're driven by controlling parents or a strong life plan or whatever, but they'll still work like crazy to get 100% even if the test is on a curve and it literally doesn't help them at all.

Which is actually a much better analogy for the economy than whatever the hell this is.


  1. i have no idea what it means. is it stupid or is it meaningless or am i too dumb to figure it out?

    1. Apparently, even though the harder you work the more you're rewarded (even if you need to work harder to get less reward than previously), making things mildly more difficult for bootstrapping Captains of Industry means they will all give up and become Welfare Queens. And that is why capitalism is awesome.

      ......Or this is one of the most nonsensical videos I've ever seen.