Thursday, May 10, 2012

Published as a Public Service Announcement: Wanted, A Pal!

Truly blue eyed, blonde haired, popular kids have it the hardest of anyone.  Unless you read this as him being deeply closeted asking for advice, then it's kind of touching.


  1. To be fair, having a lot of acquaintances and zero close friends really does suck. It's not cool knowing that everyone you know is closer to most of their other friends than they are to you.

    What I think is really funny about this is that he explains he's bummed because he doesn't have a best friend. Then the other guy is just like, "Yeah, having a best friend is pretty awesome. It's too bad you don't have one."

    1. It's that kind of dramatic swerve that makes these PSA's so engaging. You start off reading it and thinking Bob is going to become his best friend and then BAM Bob already has a best friend and Frankie is left all alone.