Friday, May 25, 2012

Romney Would Be Pretty Tired By The End of This Day

Over the last week, Mitt Romney has released a series of ads detailing what he would do on the first day of his Presidency.  Besides the surprising level of honesty of just how much money he plans to give to rich people, what stands out to me is his seeming complete lack of understanding about how long things take to do and/or how many hours there are in a day:

So what all has he now promised for his first 24 hours?
  1. He will approve the Keystone Pipeline.
  2. He will cut taxes on "job creators" (read: the rich).
  3. He will repeal Obamacare.
  4. He will cut spending.
  5. He will "stand up to China on trade" (whatever is exactly that means).
  6. He will repeal regulations.
It's my understanding that he might actually be able to do #1 (though it appears Obama is planning on doing it too if reelected).  And heck, #5 sounds like a pretty empty platitude so maybe he can pull that off on the first day too.  But #s 2 and 4 basically sounds like he plans to pass an entire Federal budget on his first day.  And #s 3 and 6 would also be fairly major pieces of legislation with substantial Democratic opposition.  That's before you get to the fact that even if he decides to pull an all nighter and not take bathroom breaks, he'd only be able to dedicate 4 hours to each of these projects (and that's assuming he doesn't need any time to settle in, rearrange the Oval Office, stuff like that).

All told it's probably a good thing he's not going to get a Day One, because he'd be really cranky and tired by Day Two and no one wants that from someone with nuclear launch codes.

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