Friday, May 11, 2012

Ron Paul Supporters are Totally Not Completely Insane at All (Yes They Are)

I know I pick on Ron Paul supporters a lot, and that's because they have terrible ideas that would cause immense suffering if ever enacted and they should be mocked.  Case in point, Adam Kokesh is a Ron Paul supporter who hosts a Youtube Radio Show about libertarianism and his love of Ron Paul entitled Adam vs. the Man.  How do we think Ron Paul supporter Adam Kokesh responds when a viewer writes in with a plan on "How to Get Ron Paul Nominated Flawlessly" that involves assassinating Mitt Romney:

Now any sane person would immediately decry this as a monstrous idea that is both immoral and quite probably illegal (Entertained Organizer's Note: This is a monstrous idea that is both immoral and quite probably illegal).  Adam Kokesh instead reads the entire letter, then says that while he doesn't personally endorse the plan, he "cannot deny that the plan has crossed my mind and so many other Ron Paul supporters of late."  He then compares it to the idea of traveling back in time to kill baby Hitler, before explaining that besides just Romney you'd also need to assassinate the President and Vice President (and probably a whole lot of other people) before Ron Paul would automatically become President, and much like building a time machine to kill baby Hitler, while morally justified that is practically impossible.

So to review, in the mind of this Ron Paul supporter (who has some 22,806 subscribers to his Ron Paul radio show) the reason not to assassinate the entire Executive Branch is that it's a logistical nightmare.  That's insane, not in the 'haha, you're crazy if you think you can drink a gallon of milk in an hour" way, but in the "you are mentally ill and should seek immediate psychiatric help" kind of way.  "Supporting" your candidate to the point you are even contemplating political assassinations is not ok.  It is evil, and it subverts democracy.

I've already flagged the video, and anyone reading this probably should too.


  1. Seriously dude? This guy is whack and does not represent Ron Paul or his supporters.. I can tell you that it is a fact there are more Obama supporters who talked this trash about Bush and now about Romney and you pick out one person and insult Ron Paul supporters with this as your support? You're a flipping moron of unspeakable proportions.

    1. He is insane, that's kind of my point. And I would love it if you pointed me to all of the Obama supporters talking about assassinating Mitt Romney, I'll mock and report them to the authorities too. I'd also point out that the guy has more than 20,000 subscribers, is reading a message someone else sent him, and cites numerous conversations with other Ron Paul supporters who feel this way. So you know, not just one guy. Also I mock way more Ron Paul supporters than just this guy, here's a sampling: