Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Through the Looking Glass: Romney was a Bully in High School

Sun Tzu said that it's important to "know your enemy," so I like to occasionally check in with Free Republic to see what the Republican base is thinking:

As most of you are probably aware, last week the Washington Post published a disturbing piece about Romney's history of bullying gay students during high school.  I will give some of the Republicans in the thread discussing it credit for condemning Romney's actions and weak apology (though almost all of them then wished that either Gingrich or Palin had the nomination, so they're still not exactly great people).  The rest of the thread though was pretty evenly divided between people saying it was no big deal, and those saying Obama eating a dog was worse.  Don't believe me?  Let's take a look:

This is literally the first response:

This was the third:

You know how you think you agree with this guy, remember his user name, "Sirius Lee":

After all, the only choices are to either defend Mitt Romney or admit that gay people are human beings:

Besides the guy....and pretty much anyone else opposed to enforced gender roles:

I warned you that this was a really common response, but you didn't listen:

I too wonder why Democrats are not adopting the strategy of praising Mitt Romney:

"homosexualizing" is my new favorite word:

I'm fairly confident that "banjoguy" does not in fact know the definition of "innuendo":

I really did warn you:

I mean it's not like John Lauber told one of his attacker's 30 years later that he was traumatized or anything.....wait a second:

I am shocked to learn that "BO Stinkss" wants to see the President get physically assaulted:

It's actually not that interesting.  It turns out when you admit that you did something wrong and show genuine remorse, you seem like a better person than when you don't do that:

"Sirius Lee" continues to sound relatively reasonable, maybe we've found a sane Republican?

Haha, you fell for that.  I give you "Sirius Lee":

"Ironfocus" hasn't noticed that Republicans (especially on Free Republic) rant against all of these groups literally every single day (his signature line is pretty classy too):

I had not heard the conspiracy theory that Obama is secretly Harry Potter before.  I am intrigued:

Being forcibly held down against your will and sheered while you cry and scream for help is apparently exactly the same as your office having a dress code:

"Stalinists lie.  Always." 

No teenager ever committed suicide while "CatherineofAragon" was a kid:

Except for the fact it's actually the definition of "violent assault" and on it's face sounds pretty "vicious":

Predictions on how long before there is a conspiracy theory that Obama killed John Lauber so that he could use this story to attack Romney?

I was wrong before, "homosexualizing" isn't the best new word, "anti-bullies" is.  Also War is Peace, Slavery is Freedom, and Ignorance is Strength:

Truly all of the world's problems today are caused by the fact that not enough was done to stop "countercultural freaks" in elite boarding schools during the 1960s:

Another vote for Romney being a sociopath:

Truly there is no better haven against bullying than the warm embrace of a Texas High School:

I'm pretty sure you don't call it bullying anymore when someone has to be hospitalized, but I am curious to learn more about this scale.  Also "we are all Frenchmen now":

This is a lot of words, and I would just like to point out once again it was a BOARDING school:

Finally, the logical place for any discussion of Mitt Romney's childhood to conclude is with the accusation that Obama is the Antichrist: 

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