Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Voting Rights Violators: The Amish, Transgender Voters, and James O'Keefe

In 24 weeks we go to the polls again to reelect President Obama. Republicans know that they aren't going to gain the support of the American people, so instead they're going to strip them of the right to vote:
  • Republicans in Michigan threw out a ballot measure to overturn their controversial Emergency Manager law despite it having the required number of signatures.  Why did they throw it out?  Because they claimed it was printed in the wrong font size.  Fun Fact: It was not in fact printed in the wrong font size.  So basically Republicans in Michigan subverted the Democratic process to get their way on the Emergency Manager law, which is itself a Michigan Republican attempt to subvert the Democratic process to get their way.  It's kind of like an onion.
  • Finally, James "I edit together misleading videos to slander innocent individuals and organizations" O'Keefe is crossing both New Hampshire and North Carolina off his travel itenerary, as both states have started investigations into the voter fraud he committed in an attempt to show how easy it was to get away with voter fraud.  Irony may be dead.

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