Tuesday, May 8, 2012

What "Julia" has to Teach Us About How Conservatives View Women

Over the weekend the Obama campaign put out a slideshow presentation called The Life of Julia, which illustrates how President Obama's policies would affect an everywoman named "Julia" over the course of her life.  Not entirely surprisingly, the conservative Heritage Foundation quickly put out a photoshopped version entitled A Better Life for Julia, which shows how much better "Julia" would be with conservatives in charge.

Now unsurprisingly the Heritage Foundation uses some skewed statistics and interesting definitions (the "freedom to choose a healthcare plan" refers of course to Julia's employer's ability to choose what they will cover, not hers).  It's probably worth researching and debunking the whole thing, and if no one else does I probably will at some point.  But one panel in both presentations caught my eye:

Obama's "The Life of Julia":

The Heritage Foundation's "A Better Life for Julia":

Catch the difference?  Under President Obama, "Julia decides to have a child."  Under conservatives, it's "when Julia becomes a mother."  Now sure that's a semantical difference, but it's a telling one.  Under President Obama and the Democratic Party, becoming a mother is a choice that a woman can make, one of many.  Under conservatives and the Republican Party, becoming a mother is the expected next step in a woman's life after she gets out of college.  One gives women agency, the other says their life is planned from cradle to grave.  One's going to win with women in the Fall, and one's going to lose badly.

I'll let you decide which is which.

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  1. Oooh, they're so sneaky! Great catch, thank you!