Friday, May 4, 2012

Why I Love Comics: "A Complex World of Jet-Powered Apes and Time Travel"

If you've spent more than a day reading the Entertained Organizer, you know I love comic books. This is one of the many reasons why.

In 2004 DC Comics tried to expand on the commercial success of the Justice League comic by creating a second Justice League title, JLA: Classified.  The idea for the series was that the best writers and artists in the industry would come in to do a single story arc, whatever they wanted to do.  Which could have been pretty cool, while a writer or artist might not have the time or ideas to do a long run on Justice League of America, everyone's got one great JLA story they're dying to tell.  Unfortunately, JLA: Classified eventually became a dumping ground for mini-series that were deemed to be commercially unviable on their own.  Still, it's first story arc was by Grant Morrison, the writer who'd rejuvenated the main JLA comic 8 years earlier and turned it into one of the best selling comics in the world.  And it may be the craziest thing I've ever read.

The story, entitled "Ultramarine Corps," involved Gorilla Grodd, a telepathic gorilla supervillain, sending another supervillain into "the baby universe of Qweq" to get the Justice League to leave Earth to follow him.  While they're gone, Grodd teams up with a time travelling adult universe of Qweq which has been corrupted by the supervillain, to take over and mind control the Ultramarine Corps, a UN sponsored superhero team, to use as weapons of mass destruction to conquer the world from the Ultramarine Corps' cruise ship headquarters.  A bunch of other crazy stuff happens which I couldn't begin to describe or explain, and eventually the JLA escapes and saves the day, and then we get this scene:

I want to focus in on that second page:

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Don't you realize, death is no object to most of the enemies we deal with?  Quite frankly, as an alternative to some of the super-punishments we've had to devise over the years execution's a walk in the park.  These "no-nonsense" solutions of yours just don't hold water in a complex world of jet-powered apes and time travel.         -Superman
That may be one of the most ridiculously over the top sentences ever written.  And it couldn't possibly work in any other medium.  And that's: Why I Love Comics.

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