Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Why I Love Comics: The Kid Who Collects Spider-Man!

If you've spent more than a day reading the Entertained Organizer, you know I love comic books. This is one of the many reasons why:

Amazing Spider-Man #248 was written by Roger Stern with art by Ron Frenz and came out in 1984.  It opens simply:

After proving that he is in fact Spider-Man (by lifting the kids bed over his head), Spider-Man and young Tim have a conversation.  Spider-Man tells him how he got his powers (radioactive spider bite), that he was motivated to fight crime because he let down a loved one (Uncle Ben), how his webbing works (wrist mounted shooters), and that he has a Spidey Sense.  They share some laughs about J Jonah Jameson and then Spider-Man prepares to leave:

It's just a small moment: no supervillains, no worlds to be saved.  Just a little boy who needs a hero.  And that's: Why I Love Comics.


  1. Thanks a lot! I remember reading this story travelling on a train when I was about 8 or 9 years old. It made a great impression on me - especially cause it was my first Spider-Man comic book (He was called "Die Spinne" at that time in the German version).

  2. I think I read this story only once or twice when it first came out, but I remember it to this day. It brought a tear to my eye when I reread it just now (more than one really).

    Thanks so much for posting it.