Thursday, June 21, 2012

Helping Richard Mourdock Be Internally Consistent

Some of you might remember Richard Mourdock as the conservative psycho who beat Senator Dick Lugar  in the Indiana Republican Primary a month ago.  And I guess in an effort to prove me right for calling him a 'conservative psycho' Mourdock told reporters on Monday that businesses should be allowed to refuse to cover cancer treatments in their employees health insurance coverage "if they want to keep their health care costs down."  Even in Indiana this has gone over about as well as you'd expect it would, and so his campaign has tried to walk it back by explaining that while Mourdock doesn't personally want businesses to deny their employees cancer treatments, he thinks they should be legally allowed to.  Now I'm going to put aside for a moment the morality of letting businesses to decide who gets to live and who gets to die based on how it effects their bottom line, because I want to suggest to him that their might be a couple other instances in which his governing philosophy might be applicable.  For example:

  • He might not personally want gay people to get married, but they should be legally allowed to.
  • He might not personally want women to get abortions, but they should be legally allowed to.
That said, his position on healthcare is in fact monstrous.  I just wanted to point out that besides being a heartless monster, Richard Mourdock is also a hypocrite (well and a sexist bigot).

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