Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hostess Snack Break: The Joker as "The Cornered Clown"

Everyone needs a break sometimes, so why don't you enjoy this one with one of your favorite superheroes and one of your favorite Hostess snack treats:

For reference, in his first appearance in 1940, the Joker poisoned a bunch of people.  In probably the best Joker story ever told, 1978's "The Laughing Fish", the Joker poisoned a bunch of people (and fish).  In the Joker's canonical first appearance (1986's Batman: Year One), he attempted to poison Gotham City's reservoir.

Now we could focus on how stupid the cops would have to be to eat something the Joker gave them, but I prefer the subtler message to kids that Hostess Fruit Pies are poisoning them.

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