Thursday, November 15, 2012

Tales from the Campaign Trail: Pizza and a Prayer

Note: Actual pizza in the story was a Hawaiian.
I am a terrible journalist.
I'm a political organizer, I hope my stories entertain you (so that's where the name comes from):

It was one of my canvassers' first day.  You train them, push them out into the world, and then anxiously await their return like what you'd expect if you crossed a four star general with a mother hen.  And she didn't come back.

Many thoughts crossed my mind.  Alien abduction.  Axe murderer.  Republican spy.  You know, the usual.  So I was fairly relieved when she called me to say that she'd locked her keys in her car.  Still she was nervous, and so after taking care of my other canvassers I headed out to wait with her for Triple A.  I found her sitting on a curb with a 40 minute wait time.  So I did the only sane and logical thing and started grilling her on how her first canvass went.

And overall it had gone well.  A little nervous at first.  Lot of Not Homes.  Eventually found her groove.  About what you'd expect really.  Except for one door.  There a woman told her she was a baby murderer who would rot in the deepest pits of hell for all eternity.  She handled it like a champ though, "Thank you for your time, and have a nice evening."  We were still talking about it and waiting for Triple A when all of a sudden a truck pulled up and a woman hopped out:

"I saw you guys and thought you might want some pizza.  And I thought you could use these."

With that she handed us a pizza and some pamphlets about "Accepting Jesus Christ as Our Personal Lord and Savior", hopped in her truck and drove off.

We stared at the pizza for a moment wondering if this was her plan to send us off to hell, and then decided we were hungry. 

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