Entertainment Features

Barring the intervention of life, you can count on the following regular features to appear every week:

Every Monday I examine the history and flaws of some of comics more obscure characters and try to find a way to make them work again.

Every Tuesday I examine the bizarre love child that is the ads produced for Hostess Snack Products by Marvel and DC Comics.

On Wednesdays I celebrate both alliteration and the magnificent talent of Aaron Sorkin with clips from The West Wing.

Wit of the Web Slinger Wednesday
Every Wednesday Spider-Man reminds us that comics should be fun (and maybe a little bit dorky too).

Comic books and the 1950s were both more progressive than people give them credit for, and on Thursdays I examine the history of DC Comics' socially aware PSAs.

Friendship Friday with Jimmy Olsen
Who better to teach us about the true meaning of friendship than Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen.

Saturday night being date night, I share whatever relationship advice can be gleamed from the covers of Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane.

Sunday Short
Sundays should be a day to rest and relax. And what better way to do that than to take a few minutes to watch an animated short.

And whenever the muse strikes me you can also expect to see these features regularly:

Gabbing About Game of Thrones
Whenever a new episode of HBO's Game of Thrones airs, I get together with my dear friend, historian and Game of Thrones fan, Steven Attewell of Race for the Iron Throne to have a free wheeling discussion.

There are literally thousands of hours of streaming content available on Netflix, and I intend to help you out by finding the diamonds in the rough.

Pretty self explanatory, I write one sentence reviews of movies, products, books, etc.

Why I Love Comics
In which I enumerate the countless reasons big and small that I love comic books.

Part review, part cutthroat competition, I take a look at each of the new network shows to discover what the best new show of the 2011-2012 season is.