Political Features

Barring the intervention of life, you can count on the following regular features to appear every week:

Frontline of the Class War
Every Monday tune in to find out how Republicans and large corporations are hurting the middle and working class.

Terrific Tuesday Tidings
Every Tuesday I try to be a more positive person by posting the news stories that have actually made me happy this week.

Voting Rights Violators
Tuesday is the traditional election day, and it's also the day I document Republicans attempts to game the system and restrict people's right to vote.

Republican Racism Review
Ever since Nixon's Southern Strategy, racism has been an indelible part of the modern Republican Party and on Wednesday's I document it.

Closeted Countdown
On Thursday's I discuss the homophobia inherent in the Religious Right, and their propensity to turn out to be secretly gay.

Friday Freakshow Roundup
I save the creme de la creme of Republican crazy for my weekly Friday review of the most insane political news stories of the week.

What better (and geekier) way to spend a Friday night than looking at the most cutting edge scientific research?

He-Man Woman Hater's Club Report
On Saturdays I look at the sexism that seems to inevitably come along with the racism and homophobia fomented by the Right.

The Leftovers
Sundays are where you'll find the news stories that didn't quite fit anywhere else during the week.

And whenever the muse strikes me you can also expect to see these features regularly:

Ministry of Meme
They say that a picture is worth a thousand words.  I'd like to test that out.

Love them or hate them, political ads have become an integral part of election season and I'm here to show you the best and worst.

Tales from the Campaign Trail
I am a political organizer and these are the (hopefully) amusing stories from the campaigns I've worked on.

Missives from Universe B
Part creative writing, part satire, Missives from Universe B are my attempt to describe a world in which the Right isn't wrong.

Through the Looking Glass
When there's breaking news or simply a story I think everyone would agree on, I like to dig into conservative message boards and see what Republicans really think.  Here I share my findings.

Reading Rush
If you think listening to Rush Limbaugh is bad, try reading through the official transcripts of his show with me.